CENTRE FOR COASTAL RESEARCH – Hosted at the University of Agder

The Centre for Coastal Research (CCR) is an international and interdisciplinary academic institution hosted by the University of Agder (UiA). Within Norway, CCR collaborates with the University of Oslo, the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), GRID-Arendal, the  Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA) and the regional county and its municipalities.

CCR_COD_UW_vegetation_fish_WEBThe overall goal of CCR is to represent a platform for: 1) strengthening the quality of education at UiA and 2) performing basic curiosity-driven science on marine biology in Coastal Skagerrak, also to support priorities within the collaborating institutions. The scientific focus within this synergistic approach is largely on the ecology and evolution of the biota in the marine coastal zone, also encompassing  a broader socio-ecological context.


Nils Chr. Stenseth, UiA/UiO/CEES, Chairman CCR
Halvor Knutsen, IMR/UiA, Head of CCR
Kerry Stephen Seiler, UiA
Michael R. Hansen, UiA
Jan Atle Knutsen, IMR
Christopher Harman, NIVA
Lars Kullerud, GRID Arendal/University of the Arctic
Øystein Djupedal, Senior Adviser, UiA
Tonje Knutsen Sørdalen, UiA
Frank Reichert, UiA Observer
Dag Olav Andersen, UiA Observer


The research activities of CCR are primarily, albeit not exclusively, focused on the Skagerrak and neighboring marine waters, most of which are surrounded by a major fraction of the
Scandinavian population. This focus is further emphasized by the fact that these seas provide a unique ‘natural laboratory’ to assess the effects of human and environmental impact on coastal living resources. Although the centre fosters primarily long-term, basic (discovery-oriented) research, applied and innovative activities and programmes are encouraged.


Halvor Knutsen, UiA/IMR  CCR_COD_Research_lobster_statistics_WEB
Kim Halvorsen, UiA
Øyvind Kaste, NIVA/UiA
Caren Barcelo, OSU, USA
Diana Catarino, UA, Portugal
Erik Höglund, NIVA/UiA