Successful Sea Trout seminar at Strand Hotel Fevik Norway

  Most of Scandinavia's Sea Trout specialists were gathered at lovely Strand Hotel at Fevik, in Southern Norway 23rd and 24th March. The Master students in marine biology at the University of Agder [...]

Welcome to Sea Trout seminar March 23rd to 24th 2017 at Strand Hotel Fevik, Norway. Sign up here!

The Norwegian Skagerrak coast is currently the region in Norway where the stock development for Sea Trout is best. However, this development has not yet had any significant economic effects, and at the seminar we [...]

  • Mayor of Aust-Agder County Tellef Inge Mørland

Institute of Marine Research at Flødevigen gets a NOK 1.5 Mill. contribution from Aust-Agder County to develop new DNA and Fish tagging methodology

Aust-Agder County recently gave a NOK 1.5 Million contribution to the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) to further develop laboratory facilities at the research station in Flødevigen, Arendal. Researchers and students connected to Flødevigen will from [...]

PhD candidate reveals flaw in Norwegian Wrasse management

Norwegian fish farming depends on wrasses to clean salmons from lice. The usage of corkwing and goldsinny wrasse for cleaning purposes increased strongly during the past decade, whilst Norwegian management had sparse knowledge about the consequences of this rapidly increasing fishery. PhD candidate Kim Halvorsen at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) wanted to know more about these fishes and how this fishery and the current management measures are adapted to the species biology. […]

First marine master student graduated at UiA

  UiA and Centre for Coastal Research reached a milestone May 26 2016. Ann Elin Synnes became the very first master student on marine ecology to graduate from UiA. Ann Elin W. Synnes has studied [...]

  • Coastal research in Skagerrak

Possition open for applications: Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Marine Ecology

Coastal research with Beach Seine in Skagerrak The University of Agder (UiA) invites applications for a full-time fixed-term appointment as Post-doctoral Research Fellow in marine ecology at the Faculty of Engineering and Science, [...]

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Collaboration with Berkley University (CA)

Professor Esben M Olsen at CCR has received funding from Peder Sather Center for initiating collaboration with the very recognized Berkley, University of California.

Local adaptation on cod

New exciting experimental study on local adaptation on cod at Flødevigen. We are now performing a focused small scale tank experiment, combined with genomics in order to answer IF/HOW cod are locally adapted to their environment.